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Recommended for Hypertension (high blood pressure)
(6x500ml yellow emulsion , will make 25 - 30 procedures)


1. Yellow emulsion is used at the high blood pressure. It promotes dissolution of every possible pathological deposits, causes activity in a venous part and an arterial loop of capillaries. The good result may be observed at thromboses, exastoses, rheumatism, neuritis. It also helps skin to secrete through sweat chloride sodium and urea. It has strong anesthetizing action, strengthens the muscles.

2. White emulsion is used to raise of arterial pressure, at a stenocardia, for regulation kidneys work , functional recovery of muscles and blood supply, at arthritis, neuritis, prolonged diseases.

3. The mixed baths are used at normal blood pressure, and in order to regulate the blood pressure. Combining the formulation of mix white and yellow emulsions, it is possible to achieve favorable arterial pressure. Owing to various combinations these emulsions, the mixed baths have an extensive field of influence on a human organism.

Medical Action: 

Prevents from fast biological ageing, has an anesthetizing action, promotes acceleration of metabolism, regulates arterial pressure, central and vegetative nervous systems, enhance stability to catarrhal and to infectious diseases, stimulates functions sexual glands. The general normalizing influence of Zalmanov baths promotes the rejuvenation of an organism. Activity of heart rises, the rhythm is leveled. The brain becomes more susceptible. Associations are fast and certain. The emotional and intellectual life revives. The indifference is replaced with the interest to life. Immunity becomes stronger.


White bath tonic:
Water, pure gum turpentine, camphor spirit, salicylic acid, baby soap emulsifier

Yellow bath tonic
Castor oil, oleic acid(coconut oil), pure gum turpentine, baby soap emulsifier

The contraindications for Zalmanov`s turpentine baths treatment are only few conditions: active forms of open pulmonary tuberculosis, acute period of psychoses, expressed cardiac insufficiency, agonic and terminal conditions.  

Consult your physician prior to using this product if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition

Keep out of the reach of children

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